Powerful enough to turn goat piss into gasoline.

When Jake Blues, strolled out of prison he was a better man than the one that went in. He came out and walked straight into a band jamming with Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles and Cab Calloway, that’s frankly obscene, and this band turned goats piss into gasoline! The enforced break made him stronger and we all witnessed a truly great comeback. Now, witness another, because BandApp is back. We can’t say we’ve been in prison, although that would be awesome. We’ve been away though, and we’re sorry, we understand that you might be a little mad at us, but when you see the new Band App, that anger is going to run down your legs and make pretty puddles on the floor.


We’ve rebuilt from the ground up, redesigned everything, rebranded and replanned the whole experience, and now we’ve got something we’re really excited about. It’s a product that’s free, a product that you can sell tracks, and monitor sales through, a product you can communicate to fans with, it’s a product you can easily reskin, populate and distribute and most importantly it’s an app powerful enough to turn goats piss into gasoline, and we don’t say that lightly, in fact we’ve never said it before today, and we literally cannot stop saying it.


Jake and Elwood had everything, the band, the car and the music, but one thing they didn’t have was BandApp, they were forced to get their message out with a giant bullhorn strapped to the roof of their patrol car. Now, while we definitely recommend that you do this and send us pictures, BandApp does make the whole process of self promotion a little less interesting, but a whole lot more effective.


Once you’ve built your app sending it to your fan base is a snip, they’ll receive a link that plonks your BandApp right onto their mobile home screen. This means when you’ve got new tracks, new tour dates, or some new moody bands shots of you all standing in a field, or next to a graffitied wall, you can give them to your adoring fans, and get feedback instantly.


We didn’t want to say this, but it’s like having a mini record deal, except you’re in charge, and there’s no ‘Mr 20%’ there to rip you off once your band goes ballistic. Instead, go ballistic, sell music, get rich, then drive your car into your very own swimming pool, the disadvantage to this is that in the morning you and not the record company will have to pay to get it removed, but who cares right?

If you’re in a band you need BandApp, we’re back, and we’re here to make your band heard by everyone. Be Louder.


BandApp is coming soon, so sign up at the top to be one of the first bands to make and distribute your BandApp.

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