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We’re so close…


I may have said this before, but we really are close now. We’re just squishing the last few bugs before we launch to Beta, then after that we’re ready to all you beautiful bands, DJs and artists to launch BandApp on the world. Your support so far has been amazing, and make sure you keep…

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Venues, DJs, Singer-Songwriters, Rappers…

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We’re called BandApp, but that doesn’t mean we’re just for bands. Facebook isn’t just about faces, Tumblr isn’t just a site about people’s favourite cups, no, we’re available to everyone; Venues, DJs, Singer-Songwriters, Rappers and any other kind of artist making a noise that people want to hear. So don’t be jealous of those gangs…

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BandApp Agenda


Great bands have agendas, a set of rules they live by that don’t hinder their creativity, but sharpen their message, and always push them forward in a unified sound and image that their fans can buy into. BandApp is built and run by musicians who know what its like to be in a band, and…

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Band App Agenda. 4. Be Louder


4. Be Louder Keep making BandApp better by listening to our Artists The best way to get heard is to ‘Be Louder’, we want BandApp to be the best, and for us, ‘being louder’ is about doing things better than everyone else. To make sure we’re always doing this we’re committed to listening to our…

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