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1. Form a Band

Over the next 4 days I’ll take you through the steps to building your BandApp with our resident house band ‘O!’. Here’s step 1.

Form a Band

Before we go anywhere you’re going to need a band. Forming a band is easy, you need to look good, be rude and never apologise, follow those 3 simple steps and even if you can’t play an instrument, you’re the Sex Pistols, learn to play and you’re the Clash, AKA the only band that ever mattered.

Your band is the last gang in town, dress the same, change all your surnames to the band name, and do everything together. Share girls, boys, ideas, drinks, spit, trousers and love, don’t let anyone in, stick together, work hard and be a fist, then use it to punch out your sound, then, when you’re there, you’ve got a sound, a melody and something to say,  you’re ready for step 2, building an App.

Don’t forget, even though we’re called BandApp, we’re not just about Bands, solo artists, venues, producers and DJ’s are all welcome to join the party.

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