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This is it… BandApp Launches


BOOM! After a monumental 42 week Coding, Curly Whurly and Coffee  bender we’ve stumbled, blinky-eyed into the daylight, shrivelled up like moles, pale as Goths and no idea the Olympics had started, our heads shattered by the work, but motivated by the idea that we’ve just changed how people are going to consume new music.…

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New Icons: Tessellate


OK, one of the pieces of feedback we’ve been getting from the Beta Babies, is ‘WE NEED MORE ICONS!’, so we went away, cried for a little bit and then created a whole new set and called it ‘Tessellate’, one because we were listening to that Alt-J song at the time, and 2 because we’re…

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Scan and Bang

BandApp Blog Image

Getting your BandApp onto a million people’s smartphones sounds daunting, but we’ve made it as easy as we can for you. There’s all the obvious ideas like Twitter, Facebook and Email, but we’ve also created a QR code generator which can be used by your fans, either by scanning their laptop screens, or you could…

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BandApp Vs. The Blackout


We all know who’d’ win that fight right? Yeah, them, definitely them. If you haven’t seen the first of our Band Profile videos on Channel BandApp  you owe it to yourself to check this out. If you think your band would be a good candidate for this, get in touch.

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Beta II Announced. More testers needed…


THE BETA GOES ON… The first round of Beta was crazy, Apps sprung up all over the world from Australia to Canada, (which if you actually bother go the long way round, is the whole of the world). Remember we only had 50 Apps built, and these generated a massive 2000+ hits in one week,…

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