This is it… BandApp Launches


After a monumental 42 week Coding, Curly Whurly and Coffee  bender we’ve stumbled, blinky-eyed into the daylight, shrivelled up like moles, pale as Goths and no idea the Olympics had started, our heads shattered by the work, but motivated by the idea that we’ve just changed how people are going to consume new music.

Today we launch BandApp 1.0, and even though there’s still more work to do, we finally have something that supports all of the whimsical boasts of the last 3 months, a product that does everything we wanted it to, and that’s a platform for something bigger, a revolution in the music industry, that’s going to tip power back towards the Artists. Yeah, we did that!

I could ramble on all day about how great it is, but the best thing to do is go and build a free BandApp right now;


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