Building a Better BandApp – 1. Design

Over the next 10 posts I’m going to walk you through each step of the builder so you have absolutely no excuse for your BandApp looking whack, the most important thing to remember it to keep it simple.

The best BandApps use simple, neat graphics, if you plaster everything with pictures of your faces your BandApp is going to look like someone hacked into your brain and puked the contents into a Smartphone.

Choose a Skin

BandApp comes with five skin sets for you to choose from, these each have their own, loader, canvass, icons and BandApp Icon, but if you hate them all, then upload your own.

Choose one of the Skin Sets for your BandApp icon set, then upload a Loading Screen, a Canvass and an Icon, in the ‘Customise your own’ section.


• Change the loading screen regularly, you can use it as an advert for upcoming shows, or single and album releases.

• Keep the Canvass screen neutral, dark colours work best, try repeating patterns or textures

• Don’t put too much detail into your icon and keep it simple.

Go on, have a go, build a BandApp right now

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