Building a Better BandApp – 10. Share

YEAH! We’ve done it, I’ve written my own bodyweight in blog posts, and you’ve built your first BandApp, now you’ve got to share it, let the people know they can have have it for free.

So there’s a number of ways to do this, but the key is your BandApp URL, this looks something like this;


Using this address your fans can install the app on straight onto their Smartphones, if they try and open that link on their computers they’ll get a screen with a QR code telling them to scan the link with their phones.

So remember when using the Facebook and Twitter links tell your fans they need to open it in the browsers on their phones.

Come back to the builder anytime to update, amend and restyle your BandApp, keep it fresh with content  and build a big audience for it, and you could appear in our Featured Artist section on BandApp World.



• Use the QR Code on all your flyers for your gigs, give them out at shows to your fans and put them on posters, make sure nobody leaves a gig without your BandApp on their phone.

Go on, have a go, build a BandApp right now

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