Building a Better BandApp – 3. Music

The Music tab is what it’s all about, this is the tab all the other tabs what to be, the tab of tabs, the TAB KING! (Tab is a weird word isn’t it?) Anyway, there are 2 ways to upload your music onto your BandApp.

Connect to Soundcloud

The first requires a SoundCloud account (obviously!), and you need to make sure your songs are set up correctly within that account, as this affects how they’ll be displayed in your BandApp.

SoundCloud Settings: Private or Public?

First consider what songs you want to appear from your SoundCloud account in BandApp, mark the tracks Private if you don’t want them in the App, or Public if you do.

To Buy or to stream?

Next you need to decide if you want to sell the tracks through your BandApp, or just to steam them for your fans, to do this, in SoundCloud…

…If you want to sell them, uncheck the ‘Downloads’ box so this displays a red cross.
…If you want to stream them check the ‘Downloads’ box so this displays a green tick.


Connect to iTunes

Connecting to iTunes is a much simpler process. First you need to find your iTunes Artist ID. To do this find your Artist profile page on the iTunes store and copy the link, you should see something like the link below;


Track prices are fixed at 79p  and you’ll be paid a massive 75% of total sale after vat and PayPal fees.

To find out more about Payments visit the Terms section of the site.

Go on, have a go, build a BandApp right now


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