“Being an Icon isn’t easy. You have to be simple enough to work really small, but also eye-catching enough to stand out on a page of other icons. People are clicking your face you all day, nobody ever says “Thank you for being a great Icon”, in fact the only time people ever talk about Icons is when they don’t work. It’s depressing being, and I hate it. Study hard in school kids, don’t end up like me.”

A little insight there into the life of an Icon. The reason for that, is this little tip:

When building your App, make sure you include an Icon, only Apps with Icons will appear in BandApp world, this is because  we like it to look pretty. Your BandApp will still appear in searches, so don’t worry, but if you want to be in the ‘Explore Grid’ then you have to have an Icon for your App.

Build a BandApp here: www.bandapp.com

See BandApp World here: www.bandapp.com/world/baw 

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