6 Tips for Liverpool Sound City Entrants

So, you’ve built your BandApp and you’re in the hunt for a spot at LSC, but for some reason you put your BandApp on the shelf and forgot about it. Really, that is no way to get selected is it?

The selection committee are looking for the obvious things, they want a band that can play, a band that’s dedicated and a band that’s got some real human fans, and fair enough right? So, guess how they’re judging this? That’s right, via your BandApp, and it’s content, so here’s 6 insider tips from the kind people of BandApp to make sure you’re doing the right things;

1. Make sure you upload at least one track, they need to hear how you sound, obviously. (You wont be selected for LSC  if you fail to upload at least one track).

2. SHARE YOUR BANDAPP EVERYWHERE, EVERYDAY! Post it on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Force people to download it, make your BandApp standout by being the most downloaded of the week.

3. Add your BandApp QR Code to all your posters and flyers, make sure your fans have no excuse for not owning it.

4. Run a tickets or merch competition and get your fans to enter via your FanWall, then reply to their entries.

5. Make sure your BandApp News, Shows and Bio are all up-to-date, log in now and kill the drummer off, see if he notices.

6. Start a ‘Rehearsal Diary’ film a little chunk in your practice room every week and upload it to videos.

There you go, don’t tell anyone we told you this, or they’ll all be doing it, but remember the better your BandApp, the more fans, the more downloads the higher number of people using it, the better chance you have of getting your band noticed.

Good luck.

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