Introducing: The Dirty Youth

The Dirty Youth actually turned out to be a lot dirtier than we could have ever imagined, we sent Thomas Judd along to interview them and when he got back to the office, we tried opening a window, spraying him with Lynx and washing him in the sink, but in the end we had no choice but to burn the office down and start all over again. Anyway, it was worth it, here’s his interview:

1. Hello The Dirty Youth! Please can you introduce your band and its members?

Danni Monroe – Vocals,  Matt Bond – Guitar/Piano,  Leon Watkins – Bass,  Phil Edwards – Drums,  Luke Padfield – Guitar.
2. Lets’s talk about BandApp, where did you hear about BandApp and how did you find the build?
On the internet. We noticed other bands were using it and it’s a great app for exposure and to keep the fans up to date.
3. Your BandApp is one of our most successful ones in terms of downloads and usage, what are you guys doing to get it out to your fans?
We put a QR code inside our album cover which sold over 1.4 billion, so that has helped draw in some traffic.
4. What have you got as a band coming up? Anything you want to tell us about?
We start a mammoth 30 date European tour on November 10th starting in Poland and ending in the U.K on December 15th.

check it out on our “BAND APP” and come say hi at a show. 

5. How will your BandApp fit into these plans?
We will keep updating it throughout the tour letting fans know where the gigs are and the latest merch available.
6. What advice would you give to bands starting out?
Do as much as you can yourself and don’t expect anything to come to you. Things have changed so much over the last few years, people don’t take chances so you need to impress the right people and it will happen.

7. What other bands are you listening to at the moment, anything caught your ear?
Billy Talent’s latest album is rocking, Frank Ocean is cool but PSY Gangnam Style is our tune of the year!

 8. Have you got any advice to bands just about to build a BandApp?
It’s pretty straight forward, make it look attractive and put as much information on there as possible.
9.Anything else you want to tell BandApp World about The Dirty Youth?
Come to a show, you have 30 dates to choose from! Show us our band app on your phone and get 10% off merch and a hug =)
10. And finally, what is the base unit of mass in the metric system?
I don’t know but the jungle is massive. Wicked…..Wicked…..

Thanks TDY, and by the way the answer to question 10 is the kilogram!

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