Hello Ellie Lawson

1. Hello Ellie Lawson! Please can you start off by telling us a bit about yourself?

Hello! I’m an independent Singer Songwriter with my own label called  ’Create your Own Reality’ and I’m just releasing a new EP ‘Insights’. I am also an EDM artist and have just released an album called ‘Collected’!


2. For those who haven’t heard your music yet, how would you describe your sound and why should they check you out?

My new EP was recorded by Ian Grimble who produced the early Mumford and Sons music, and recently Benjamin Francis Leftwich. It doesn’t sound like any of that, lol, but I wanted to work with him because he is really good at working with live musicians and doesn’t use auto-tune! On this EP there is harp, double bass, strings, acoustic guitars. My live sound is me and my guitarist both playing acoustic guitars, weaving our melodies together and he uses a loop pedal. Vocally and lyrically I like to have something to say with songs about learning from situations and I express myself with lots of melody but in a chilled way.


3. Let’s talk about BandApp, where did you hear about BandApp and how did you find the build?

I was recently at a music industry event and was speaking on a panel giving the artist perspective about ‘where technology is leading us.’ I read that Adam Perry (CEO/Founder of BandApp) was talking there about BandApp, so I installed it on my phone to check it out and was amazed how easy it was and how good it looks. I loved that it merged with everything I’ve already uploaded and that I didn’t have to upload all over again. I could instantly see that it is definitely the way forward for fans to have their favourite artists app’s on their phones and have everything they need right there.


4. Have you got any advice to artists/bands just about to build a BandApp?

Go for it, its so easy to merge your music from soundcloud and photos from Facebook and Videos with Youtube. I went to Prague this year to do a photo shoot with a great photographer, and spent a bit more than I intended but music and images are what its all about and worth investing in to get the final product for each music release. I also use a website called Radar to make good quality music video’s on a low budget as well as making our own acoustic videos with our own camera. All of that is great to have and worth investing in.


5. What have you got as an artist coming up? Anything you want to tell us about?

So I’ve just released my debut EDM album ‘Collected’ on itunes with a label in Amsterdam which I’m proud of (a collection of singles over the last 2 years) and about to release this EP. I am always looking out for new opportunities with my music catalogue, and next year I plan to increase the time I spend writing and recording for myself and others!


6. How will your BandApp fit into these plans?

Well, I’ve put a lot of time and commitment in this year making video’s, artwork and building my fan base, so Im going to spend a week or so promoting my BandApp to them all so they know its there with all the new content. Then I will continue updating the content and playing around with it! I will be downloading all my favourite artists BandApp’s on my new iphone 5 as a new way to get inspired by artists and instead of checking my Facebook all the time, in my spare time I plan to be on Band Apps!


7. What advice would you give to solo artists just starting out?

It can seem daunting all the things you have to do as an artist these days, but the main thing is to focus on what you love doing and what makes you feel good and this will naturally lead you on to doing what needs to be done next. Theres lots of jobs I do as a label that I’d rather not be doing but once I’ve created a product I am proud of its the next progression to want to get my music out there and that means clicking 1000s of boxes in FB events, carrying heavy equipment doing shows etc etc. Just love every aspect of it and have faith because things take time to grow. Keep being inspired by other musicians and remember the reason you are doing what you do and what your visions is!


8. What other artists/bands are you listening to at the moment, anything caught your ear?

Well I’ve been a Quiksilver ambassador for 4 years alongside Ben Howard, Leddra Chapman and Charlotte O Connor, who I’ve performed with at Quiksilver events so I love those guys new music and its a great time for acoustic music as there seems to be a network of musicians that all know each other. Boy and Bear is my new fav band who I saw live this year.


9. Anything else you want to tell BandApp World about Ellie Lawson?

I’m very approachable so email me if you want any advice or ideas-via my website-add me on FB and Twitter and I hope you enjoy my music! I have 3 albums and 2 EPs on iTunes and at my website www.ellielawson.com and here is the itunes link to hear my new EP: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/insights-ep/id580111673


10. And finally, in which country is it considered inappropriate to send red Christmas cards!?

Ha ha, just looked it up! Japan as the colour is linked to funerals! You just never know what something means to someone else!

DOWNLOAD ELLIE’S BANDAPP HERE www.bandapp.com/ellielawson 

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