Frances Wood

Introducing: Frances Wood

1. Hello Frances Wood! How are you & what have you been up to?

Hello Bandapp!  I’m very good thanks!  Well, let me see, I’ve been up to sooooo much!  I’ve been gigging and recording in equal measures.  I’m trying to find a good balance between the two so that I can keep seeing my fans, but also I can get a record out very soon for you all!  The last few months have been a lot of fun and I’ve especially enjoyed performing at various gigs around the country!

2. Lets’s talk about BandApp, where did you hear about BandApp and how did you find the build?

I first heard about BandApp by looking at The Sound City Festival online and thought it would be great to have another way of getting info to my fans about all my upcoming news.  The build of the app was super easy once I got into it, and I love how I can make minor adjustments whenever I need to.

3. Your BandApp is one of our most successful ones in terms of downloads and usage, what are you doing to get it out to your fans?

Wow… really?!  That’s great!  I have a great bunch of #franfans who have stayed loyal to me from the beginning, so I’m really pleased that they’re enjoying using the app, and I thank them for their continued support.  It’s a good way for me to stay in touch with everyone, and it’s lovely to see their responses.  I’ve been telling everyone about it via my Twitter, Facebook and official website using the QR code button.  I try to link up all my social networking sites so that whatever you’re on, you can keep up to date.

4. What have you got coming up? Can we expect some new material out soon?

You can indeed expect to hear some new material soon!  I’m in the studio recording at the moment with a couple of fantastic producers and I can’t wait to get the tracks released so you can hear them all!  I’m actually performing live versions of two of the tracks on my current tour and I’ve had some great feedback so far so I’m really looking forward to everyone hearing the recorded versions.

5. How will your BandApp fit into these plans?

I hope to be able to make the tracks available to listen to via BandApp and of course everyone will get the latest news about release dates, etc via the app.

6. What advice would you give to artists just starting out?

I think the best advice you can give anyone is to very quickly learn who you can trust and remember to stay true to yourself.  Get your vision in mind, and go for it!  It’s important to enjoy the process that you go through and every step of the way be happy with your choices.  Keep working hard and you’ll get there!

7. You were a contestant on TV’s ‘The Voice’, how would you sum up your experience when you look back on it now? And what did you learn about yourself as an artist during your time on the show?

Well the whole experience was an amazing whirlwind!  It was great to meet so many amazing stars, and I was so fortunate to have Will.I.Am as my mentor and to have his support.  I learned so much about myself, but most importantly how much I wanted to do this forever, and that I could be so driven in order to achieve this.

8. Have you got any advice to artists/bands just about to build a BandApp?

I would say that everyone should give it a go.  It’s a really easy process, and once you get started you’ll find the step-by step process quick to complete.  Don’t forget to keep updating the app with all your latest news because that way people will keep checking back!

9.Anything else you want to tell BandApp World about Frances Wood?

I’d just like to say a big thank you for all of your support, and a big thank you to my fans as well!

10. And finally, what was the first commercially manufactured breakfast cereal?! 

Cheesey but gotta be said, is it Frosties? I’m gonna go with those because they’re grrrrrrreat!  Haha!  Am I right??
Sorry Frances, you’re wrong. It was in fact Shredded Wheat, who are apparently in the process of building a BandApp!

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