Hello The Icarus Youth

1. Hello The Icarus Youth! Please can you introduce your band and its members?

Hi! The Icarus Youth is Jay Bone on Drums/Percussion and Backing vocals, Will Whiting on lead vocals/raps/artwork, Jam Lindsay on guitars and backing vocals and Ali Wright on Bass.

2. For those who haven’t heard your music yet, how would you describe your sound and why should they check you out?

We describe our sound as “Indie, Rock ‘n’ Rhyme”, an edgy mashup of UK indie, rock, pop and urban genres, and are about creating conscious music with a message. We are a very independent band and have been recording and producing our music out of lo-fi home studios in our various houses and flats for the past three years, as well as playing a fair few live shows in and around the UK.

We should be checked out because we are making music from the heart and music which we feel people in this day and age can relate to about the everyday trials and tribulations we all experience in life.

3. Let’s talk about BandApp, where did you hear about BandApp and how did you find the build?

We saw an ad on the net while perusing online music promotion sites and it caught our eye, it was very nice and easy to use and looks great!

4. Have you got any advice to artists/bands just about to build a BandApp?
Pick eye catching imagery that never hurts, and a short but effective bio is always handy with these kind of music promotion sites, put your best song first on the audio player.

5. What have you got as an artist coming up? Anything you want to tell us about?

Yes we have a busy year ahead of us, we have recently finished recording our second and third singles so we are currently planning the releases and booking shows for the coming year as well as the summer festival circuit, so you will be seeing a lot of Icarus live gigs coming up as well as the singles dropping over the next few months.

6. How will your BandApp fit into these plans?

Our BandApp will be an important hub for info on our releases and general progress and a good way to keep up to date on what we’re up to

7. What advice would you give to bands just starting out?

Be patient! Practice as much as you can and don’t be afraid to jump in with both feet. I think all of us have found on our journeys as musicians a great benefit in playing and working with people who are further along than us and more experienced, this will teach you a lot in no time. Love and nourish your sound and don’t try too hard to be like everyone else, we all have our own sound it just takes some blood, sweat and a few tears to find yours and then your away.

8. What other artists/bands are you listening to at the moment, anything caught your ear?
With so much great music coming out at the moment its hard to list them all, but to name a few we like… Breton, Daughter, Alex Claire, Frank Ocean, Rudimental… and many more.

9. Anything else you want to tell BandApp World about The Icarus Youth?

The Icarus cause needs support! If you like what we do then do us a huge service and tell a few mates about us and give our Facebook page a like! But more importantly come to an Icarus show and let us win you over at high volume and experience what we’re all about with your own eyes and ears. Also, we love to chat and get to know our fans so if thats you in the front row waving your fist around then come say hi afterwards and be a part of the Icarus Family.

10. And finally, ‘Call me Ishmael’ are the opening words of which work of literature!?

Well you know thats gotta be our main man Moby Dick!
Check out The Icarus Youth’s band app or build your own at, it’s completely free and takes about 10 mins.

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