Introducing Sentric Music

Hey there BandAppers, we’re always on the look out for great partners, people who can bring a service to your band that’s going to make you ‘louder’, so let us introduce Sentric Music.

Sentric Music is an independent music publisher offering royalty collection and licensing services on a contract that doesn’t tie you down. Thousands of artists use them to collect their royalties from live performance, broadcast and other sources worldwide! There’s no catch, it’s free to join and you can leave at any point with 28 days’ notice. Sentric will take a cut of what you earn while you retain 100% of your copyright. Simple!
You could be in line to earn between £5 and £1000+ every time you perform live and £50+ every time your music is played on a major music station. Sentric Music also work on high profile sync opportunities which you’ll be able to apply for once you’ve signed up. Sentric have had their artist’s music placed in campaigns for brands such as Lexus and O2 and recent TV production syncs include Married To The Sea on Gossip Girl and Tall Ships on Hollyoaks!


Take a look at to get involved.

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