Live Muso Week 4th 8th March

Live music is all about the smell of the guy in front of you, the stickiness under foot, the puking energy of the band on the stage, the throbbing crap-your-pants vibrations of the bass, the dripping of the sweat from the ceiling and that feeling of joy when room full of people come together in one throbbing mass. You cannot love music and not yearn to be part of it, we love it, BandApp was born out of it, and that’s why this week we’re celebrating our very own Live Muso Week.

We’ve got interviews with bands, engineers and producers, Twitter take overs with some big names and some amazing competitions with awesome prizes like flight cases, poster designs our incredible change to win a support slot with Freeze the Atlantic.

We’re going to be running this all from our Facebook page, so get over there and ‘Like’ us now to keep your self informed.

Here’s a little look at what’s coming up…

- Win a poster and flyer designed by Citizen Design
- Win  a flight case comp
- Win 20% off at Believe Digital- freeze the atlantic tickets comp (waiting on tour flyer to finish assets) share based
- Mcfly meet and greet comp
- Hundred Reasons and Freeze The Atlantic Support Slot Comp
- KIGH Twitter takeover
- Loads of interviews
- Loads of great new videos
Stay in touch and remember to build your BandApp at



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