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Reverend & The Makers
Reverend And The Makers are back to reclaim their crown. It takes a special talent to make magic out of the kitchen sink, to tell the story of the real world with an intimate touch that doesn’t sound patronising. Jon McClure of Reverend & The Makers made his name with this kind of writing and the new album sees the band return with their most concise and perfect work yet. If Shane Meadows made great contemporary pop records, mashing the rush of indie with the hedonistic pulse of electronics and dance, then this is what they would sound like.
Willy Moon
Willy is 23, and whip-smart with a tinder-dry sense of humour. He loves the physical energy of Cab Calloway and Michael Jackson, the concision of the Ramones, and the style of film noir. He writes, records and produces everything on his own and he doesn’t blend different sounds; he smashes them together. There’s no middle ground. It’s as if rock ‘n’ roll had been deep-frozen in 1965, just before the Beatles discovered acid, and abruptly reanimated 45 years later by a laptop hip hop producer.
Charlotte Church
Charlotte Church: child star, voice of an angel & classical singer. Not anymore. After 10 long years, Charlotte returns with a fresh new sound that has confounded all expectations. Her thrilling synthesis of fractured electronics and bruised guitar rock has drawn overwhelming acclaim, with the release of ‘One’ & ‘Two’, the first and second of 5 EP’s that she will release in 2013. Taken together, both EP’s are beautiful, emotional records that move through patches of delicacy, strength, vulnerability and confidence. Listening to these two EP’s, it becomes clear that Church has finally found her true sound.
Tall Ships
Tall Ships have just released their debut album ‘Everything Touching’ in the UK to a very warm reception from press and radio. They’ve just completed their biggest UK tour, including a huge London show at Scala, and toured with the likes of Los Campesinos! and We Are Scientists in 2012. Originally from Falmouth, but now living in Brighton, Tall Ships have been attracting attention with their complex, layered and beautiful soundscapes and intelligent songwriting to create music that still manages to have mass appeal.
Affairs are a young five-piece band who combine ambient, atmospheric synths and electro samples with intricate guitar work and rich, baritone vocals. Over the past two years, the band have supported such acts as Alt-J, Polarsets, Flashguns and Last Dinosaurs, as well as playing numerous festivals throughout the UK.
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