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Everything starts with the Fans, they’re the ones who stand at the sweaty gigs, collect the records, argue and cry about the music and wear the T-shirts, they’re the reason Bands even exist, without them what would be the point?

To our shame, recently we realised that as a Fan on BandApp there wasn’t actually much you could do. Ahem, to our credit, we’ve thrown everything at putting this right.
Friends, this is about equality! Fans are just as important to us as Bands, and they too need their own space to feel part of the BandApp community, they need to meet other Fans, discover new Bands, create collections and become a community of music-hungry maniacs that our 1000′s of Bands can build a following from.
So this is FanArea, a little button with big ideas. Click the icon on the bottom right of any BandApp, sign-in with Facebook, tell us what music you’re into, and BOOM you have a Profile, a RecordBox and an Activity Feed.
It’s really that simple, you can add Bands to your RecordBox building up a collection of your favourite music, use Activity to check what’s happening across all your fave Bands without having to go into their BandApps, and find your friends, share, talk and argue about music all day long.

So go now, open your favourite BandApp, log-in and get into BandApp.

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