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Open your RecordBox, and get collecting.

By now you’ve probably noticed that big pink dude at the bottom of every BandApp, the intrepid amongst you have probably already pressed it, but if you haven’t, then you need to learn about FanArea, the newest addition to BandApp that gives you, the Fan, access to the BandApp Universe. It’s a little button, with big ideas. 

As a Fan in BandApp, there’s never really been a place to call home, finding new music has always been at the heart of what we’ve brought you, but storing it and listening to it has always meant flipping around a bunch of BandApps. Not anymore, click the pink dude, enter FanArea, sign up with Facebook and straight away you’ve got a RecordBox, with a few bands we thought you might like already in there. Go on, get stuck in, have a listen, click the icons and play their latest tracks instantly.

Want to hear more great music? Course you do, there’s a world of free music out there for you to collect, dive into Explore and search for the bands and genres you love, or have a flick through the Try Bar at the top and check out this month’s Featured Artists. Hear something you love? Then drop it into your RecordBox, and start curating your personal collection of the most awesome Bands on the planet.
Once you’ve got a nice fat, bulging RecordBox, you can use Activity to keep up to date with everything that’s happening across all of them,  if a Band adds a new show, uploads a new song, or adds some new photos, then be the first one to know about it, and make sure you let the Band know what you think by dropping them a comment, just remember they’re ‘artists’, so choose your words carefully!
FanArea isn’t just about finding Bands, it’s also about meeting other Fans, use the Activity stream to see what your friends are listening to, have a snoop in their RecordBoxes and nick a few of their tunes, you can also find and invite other Fans by using Explore, and build up a gang of Followers to share Bands and argue about music with.
Everybody loves browsing through records, finding new Bands, checking out their hair, and sharing them with your friends, well that’s exactly what FanArea does for you. It’s completely free, it’s almost instant to set up and it’s the most exciting thing happening right now in the world of new music, like we said, “a little button, with big ideas”, open your RecordBox, and get collecting.
Download our, or any BandApp right now to get in:

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