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Brand New Featured Artists

Cult Called Man     www.bandapp.com/cultcalledman

Since breaking onto the scene in 2013, this 6 piece from County Meath in Ireland have developed a strong live following with their shows becoming more of an artistic event than a standard musical performance. Experimenting within the pop genre, Cult Called Man’s debut EP, ‘Shoot Me (It’s Just TV)’, shows off the extraordinary range of talent that this band has. With breathtaking vocals, rich guitars, warm piano and a rhythm section that will get even the tamest of the crowd tapping their feet, Cult Called Man are raising the bar for music in Ireland.

The Moons     www.bandapp.com/themoons

The Moons are an indie rock band who formed in Northampton 2008 by singer/songwriter Andy Crofts. Their 3rd album, ‘Mindwaves’ (released in July ’14), is a rich sounding, 21st century, psychedelic space odyssey, full of well-crafted songs and infectious rhythms, steeped in love, destruction, peace and paranoia. Classic pop melodies brim with tight harmonies and layered guitars resulting in a rich and varied collection of songs.

Evarane     www.bandapp.com/evarane

Formed 3 years ago, Evarane set out quickly to try and be a dominant force in the music scene and were well on the way, with their first 2 singles (‘The Fear’ and ‘XX Complex’) both receiving regular airplay on Kerrang! TV. With their debut EP recorded & set for release and support slots with the likes of Funeral for a Friend, Tonight Alive and Mallory Knox, the band were building a strong reputation. However, around this time saw the departure of lead singer Beka Pritchard. For many that would of signalled the end, but Evarane persevered and found gold in the guise of Amie Conradine Gibson, a singer and recognised alternative model. The band have spent the last year reworking old material, writing new songs and playing every show possible to craft their unmistakable sound. EP ‘Early Days’ coming soon.

Glamour of the Kill     www.bandapp.com/glamourofthekill

A four piece where everyone’s attention to musicianship is paramount yet never puts the good-time atmosphere at risk, Glamour Of The Kill expertly consume and utilize the gallop of Maiden, the party rock of the Sunset Strip, and the twin guitars of Thin Lizzy to create a sound uniquely and steadfastly of their very own. A mixture of energized pop and crunchy metal, the band’s priorities boil down to two things: big riffs and even bigger choruses. Buzzed about performances at major European festivals like Download and Sonisphere and tours with Papa Roach and Escape The Fate have continued to build GOTK’s fan base  and their latest release, ‘After Hours’, is a much grittier, scrotum-grabbing approach than the clean-cut product of the band’s yesteryear. Full frontal tracks such as ‘Out Of Control’, featuring Jacoby Shaddix, is an in-your-face, no-holds-barred display of aggression.

Pigeon Lake     www.bandapp.com/pigeonlake

Hailing from Oslo, Norway, Pigeon Lake fuse ambient melodies, groovy metal and crowd pleasing hard rock. After writing three songs for a one-off gig in 2011, Christopher Schackt decided he wanted to do something more with the project. After assembling the members and dubbing the band Pigeon Lake, they released their first EP, ‘I:Mindrape EP’, in 2012. 2013 saw the band playing several sold out shows with established acts around some of Norway’s finer venues, whilst simultaneously working on new material for their debut album. ‘Tales of a Madman’ was released in August ’15 to a strong critical reception and the band are heading  out on a 10-day tour of Europe in mid November.


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