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4. Be Huge

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Be Huge Success is a millstone, and everyone hates you. People liked you where you were underground and now you’ve sold a billion records through BandApp everyone thinks you’re a prick. There’s not really much you can do about this, but as long as you did it the right way you can rest easy in…

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3. Distribute It

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Distribute It Once the App is built then you need to get it out, not only to your fans, but to the world. You know that guy that comes to all of your gigs and stands by the bar with backpack on? Well he probably knows where your next gig is, and your mum, well…

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2. Build an App

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Build an App When the band is ready, you’ve got some demos, some live dates and some photos then you need somewhere to put them all, and this is exactly why we’re here. You need BandApp. Building an App is straightforward, we’ve designed a builder so that most drummers can use it. Robust enough for…

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1. Form a Band

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Over the next 4 days I’ll take you through the steps to building your BandApp with our resident house band ‘O!’. Here’s step 1. Form a Band Before we go anywhere you’re going to need a band. Forming a band is easy, you need to look good, be rude and never apologise, follow those 3…

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