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The Chipfryer started at the age of 11 with the guitar. It wasn't until later in life that his first set of drums were neatly installed in the smallest cupboard know to man and where he would sit quietly practicing to various songs. Guitar and Drums are just a part of the Chipfryer's musical journey. Through the years he has played Trombone, Cello, Violin, some piano and various other instruments but in the main percussion instruments were where his heart lay in the early years.

Chipfryer has always composed various pieces from a very early age but if you were to ask him about it he would always tell you he found it particularly hard to sit down and write something he liked at first hand. Much preferring the method of 'the song working itself out', you won't usually find a week where anything was started then completed and finalized. This may in part be because the Chipfryer writes a ballad type of rock song where the role-play of various characters play out through the various phrases and progressions, basically musical storytelling just like the good old contemporary rock days.

It is the Chipfryer's intention to release various titles in the future and this on line presence is part of that exorcise. Over at Chipfryer.Com there is an intention to create a band using animated skeletons who will play the musical scores once they are complete, there has been a lot of feedback regarding that official web space, you should check it out sometime.
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