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And the Lord said “Let there be Dogstand”. And there was Dogstand, and he saw that it was not too bad; and God, in his mighty wisdom did help them to imbue their music with a plenitude of power, passion and a joyfulness of melody.

Verily, it is written that there shall come, from the outskirts of the City of Lost Hope, a tuneful wailing of voices and a derungachunging of string-ed instrumentation and electric fire lutes, and that by this, the devil shall be purged from his evil lair with its heavenly sound.


GRAEME MARTIN - Vocals, Guitar
CARLI DOGSTAND - Vocals, Saxophone, Recorder
PAUL LANGFORD - Vocals, Lead Guitar
LEO VK - Organ, Stylophone, Synthesisers
SI KEEFE - Bass Guitar
JIMMY MARTIN - Drums, Percussion
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