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Band: Bonaparte
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Bands need BandApps

Sell your music

Upload your music from Soundcloud or iTunes and sell it directly to your Fans.

Sell out shows

Put your Show details on your BandApp and make sure your Fans are the first to know.

Find new fans

Climb to the top of the charts and let new Fans add you to their RecordBoxes.

Free & instant

As soon as you're finished your free BandApp is ready to share instantly.

Bandapp for Bands

BandApp works on smart phones and mobile devices such and the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy

"BandApp has given us a direct link to the pockets of our Fans, we can record a song in practice and offer it to our Fans that night! It's changed everything."

Ben Brown – Silver Arm

Build a BandApp

BandApp for Fans

BandApp runs on mobile operating systems such as iOS and Android

"I've found some of the best new music in the world on BandApp, it's like being in a record shop where all the music is new and totally free to stream, I love it!"

Sally Partridge – Fan

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Get heard by the majors

The BandApp founders have been embedded in the music industry for over 10 years and built up a huge pool of contacts that we work with, here are a few of the labels that we make sure hear the best BandApps built every week.

Make sure your BandApp stands out by using your Fans to drive it to the top of our Explore Charts.

Rough Trade Records Warner Music Group
Universal Sony BMG Music Entertainment

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"The mini record deal your Band has been waiting for"

Patrick Kingsley
The Guardian


"BandApp can help bands and it will surely earn the gratitude of fans"

The Daily

Next Big Sound

"BandApp hits a critical need for bands in the music industry"

The Next
Big Sound

BBC Radio Six Music

"Its a brilliant platform for bands and fans alike"

6 Music, Website
of the Week

Midem Music Awards

"Midem Labs Finalist for Social Platform"

Midem Music


"BandApp is hell-bent on becoming the mobile replacement for MySpace"

Explore your own record shop

Explore on desktop and mobile, giving you access to every single BandApp, showing you the most popular and featured artists. It lets you check out the music and add the records you love to your RecordBox. Take a look right now.

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Into the nuts and bolts

Biography icon

Tell the world what you're all about, be funny, hardcore and interesting.

Music icon

Link music from SoundCloud or iTunes, stream it for free or sell it.

Photos icon

Upload photos, or link to a Twitter hashtag to automatically pull in photos.

Video icon

Link to a YouTube Channel to pull all the Band's videos straight in.

Shows icon

List tours, set links to Facebook Events, and links to buy tickets and maps.

Chat icon
Fan Wall

Talk to Fans of Bands, ask and answer questions and chat about anything.

News icon

Tell stories about your Band, and pull in your Twitter feed to engage and inform your Fans.

Links icon

Use Links to add links to Twitter, Facebook the Bands official site or anywhere else.


Stand by for updates

We're constantly updating BandApp, adding new features and fixing problems, we'd love to hear your ideas and make sure we're always going forward in the right direction.

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