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BandApp currently offers you two ways to earn money from your music, one through music sales on the BandApp Store, which has one of the highest payout rates on the Web! The other through emerging music licensing.

Music sales on BandApp Store

Your music has value. We pay you one of the highest rates on the web, 75% of every sale (after sales costs and vat). Heres the breakdown.

BandAppStore track price(including vat) £ 0.79


VAT (@ 20%) £ 0.13

PayPal and transaction fees £ 0.14

75% due to artist per track £ 0.40

(Please note: Your payments are made monthly in arrears, and payments are triggered once your account reaches a threshold of £ 10. Your can visit your dashboard at anytime to see real time stats including fan numbers, app installs, downloads, sales and earnings. See Tour for more details)

BandApp Emerging Music Licensing (Coming soon)

Our second option which is coming soon is what we call BandApp Music Licensing! Basically if you're unsigned, unpublished and not a member of PRS or other performance society or agency then BandApp can license your music to retail outlets, hotel chains, restaurant chains and telecom deals globally! All you need is your music on the BandApp Store. If your music makes the licence playlists then you will be paid a royalty per track per month.