Welcome to Backstage     3 handy tools to help you build, analyse and promote your BandApp
  • Log in Backstage and get Access All Areas to these three powerful tools.
  • MyBandApp
  •         MyCampaigns
  •      MyDashboard
  • Design your app by selecting your preferred colour scheme and layout. You can then start uploading your content such as music, bio, videos, photos and more. Finally, publish your app to allow your fans to access it.
  • Get more fans and sales by promoting your BandApp using our campaign tools. You can create widgets and banners that you and your fans can embed on other websites and blogs. We will be launching an affiliate system soon too. How great is that!
  • Stats, Stats and more stats. Here you can view analytics on your fan's activity. Monitor the growth of your band, see how many fans have downloaded your BandApp, how many track plays and video plays you've had and see how much money you've earned. Powerful stuff!
MyBandApp - The Builder     3 easy steps to publishing your own BandApp
  • MyBandApp is the easy to use, step by step tool to design and manage your BandApp. Choose your colour scheme and layout. Upload key app images, then add your band content. Finally share your BandApp with you fans and welcome them into your world. All done!
  • Step 1 - Design It
  •       Step 2 - Upload It
  •     Step 3 - Publish It
  • Design your BandApp by selecting your preferred colour scheme and layout. When your done, move onto step 2.
  • After designing your BandApp, upload all your band content such as your band biog, photos, music, videos and more using simple uploading steps. Take pictures, shoot videos, be creative, and update your BandApp constantly. Your fans will love you for it!
  • Once your done designing and uploading your BandApp, hit preview to see what it looks like on the iPhone. If you are happy with it, publish it and create your BandApp link. Share it with all your fans via SMS, Email, Facebook and Twitter.
MyCampaigns - The Promoter     3 clever tools to get your band out there... virally
  • MyCampaigns is a one stop shop fro promoting your BandApp, your band and your music. Powerful tools to help you create BandApp widgets and ad banners.
    Anyone can embed them on their website to direct traffic to your BandApp.
  • Widget
  •   Banners
  •    Affiliate
  • The easiest way for your fan to get your app using our install link widget system. The widget is a mini app that allows your fans to simply input their mobile number and we will send them a link to install the app. Anyone can promote your app by embedding the widget within their website or blog. So use the widget and get your fans and street teamers busy!
  • Advertising banners of all standard sizes are available to embed within other website or blogs. This ads will direct the fans to your BandApp web page where they can access the widget to send themselves the app installation link. You can also design and upload your own advertising banners.
  • Our affiliate program will soon feature many cool features that will allow your fans and other web business to make money when your fan buys something from you. This will allow rapid growth of your sales as well as help in making your band more famous.
MyDashboard - The Reporter     Find out how your BandApp is doing under one roof
  • Stats, stats, and more stats. Key analytics information that will tell you how many fans you have, what they are doing and how much they have spent buying your
    stuff on BandApp!
  • Fan Activity
  •       Content Activity
  • Download Activity
  • The MyDashboard tool displays all fan activity in a single screen, which allows you to easily see how your BandApp is doing. See how many new app installs you have everyday, see how videos your fans watched and even track how much money you have made from your fans purchasing your music.
  • Is it a hit? Now you can find out! View the performance of all content within your BandApp. Photos, music, videos and more. This section tells you which piece of content is being accessed the most, allowing you be A&R and decide what content to promote, what content to drop and how to improve your BandApp!
  • You can see which items for sale are selling the most from the Download section. You can specify a date range to see how much you earned for your content sales. This will allow you to create more similar content so that you can earn more money with BandApp!
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