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  • An all in one digital store front for bands, artists and musicians. Simply upload your tracks and other stuff using BandApp and start selling now.
  • The BandApp Store is the digital store front for all BandApp members to sell their stuff. For now this includes music and wallpapers, however in the future we will be supporting other items such as merchandise and tickets.
  • BandApp members can use our music upload tool to upload their tracks to their app. Their fans can then listen to their preview and purchase the full track directly from their iPhone.
  • After you make a certain amount of sales on the store you will be paid directly via bank transfer or PayPal.

How Does It Work     3 easy steps to make money from your BandApp
  • The BandApp Store offers your band a powerful digital storefront that promotes your music to millions of potential fans. All you have to do is sign up to BandApp,
    upload your music and start selling your tracks immediately!
  • Prepare & Upload
  • Promote & Sell
  •         Get Paid
  • To begin selling your music on BandApp Store you have to ensure that your music traks are up to a certain quality. This means you can only sell professionally recorded tracks on BandApp Store. So get your music recorded properly and share it with the world by uploading it to BandApp.
  • Once you've uploaded your tracks, you can begin promoting your BandApp to your fans. They can listen to your track previews and then purchase your music using their credit cards, PayPal, and Ukash They will then get a download link sent to them via email. After downloading your track they can enjoy and earn you money.
  • After you sell a certain amount of tracks on the BandAppStore, you will get paid every month, automatically by bank transfer. Don't forget you determine the success of your BandApp and your music, so start promoting your BandApp now. Use the BandAppStore to get the highest payouts on the web and start making money from your music!
Have What It Takes?
  • If you achieve substantial app installs and excellent music sales, we will offer you a recording contract. This means that you will become a full fledged artist!
  • Get signed with BandApp using our powerful music promotion tools. Gain a substantial fan base and sell your nusic to them. If you achieve a certain amount of sales, we will turn you into a super star!
  • We will sign you up as our artist where you will join a growing lineup of talented artists from all around the world. You will perform on tours, have you own merchandise and sell even more music than ever!
  • Don't waste another minute! Do you have it takes?
    Get signed now
  • Reward scheme coming soon!
BandApp Top 40     Featuring the top selling artists on the BandApp Store
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Frequently Asked Questions
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